If you want Allah SWT to talk to you, read Quran and if you want to talk to Allah SWT, perform Salah.

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Ramadan.

 Timings are for Jamaat (Congregational Prayers)

Please note that effective Tuesday May 14th 2019, the following will be Salaat timings at Rahmat Centre, Insha'Allah

Fajr          -  04:45am 
Zuhr         -  01:45 pm
Asr           -  06:45pm
Maghrib    - Sunset     
Isha          - 10:15pm

Taraweeh prayers will start on 5th May 2019 after Isha Salaat, Insha'Allah

     JUMMAH      Rouge Woods Community Centre 

Azaan is given 15 mins before prayer time 

Inshallah Jummah Salah
is being held at
Rouge Woods Community Centre
110 Shirley Dr, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1Y9


English talk starts at 1:30
Jummah Salah & Khutbah
Jumaah Khutbah: 1:45 pm       Salah: 2:00pm
more info at

Islamic Society of York Region
1380 Stouffville Rd, Richmond Hill, ON. L4E 3S3
Jumaah Khutbah: 1:30 pm       Salah: 2:00pm
more info at